Saree saga


Saree,  they have inspired to be the woman I am today. In India sarees are a way of life, they are an amalgamation of thoughts, cultures and traditions. For me they represent the soft rustle of Ma’s saree on my hand, or her walking quietly in those breezy cotton or the tingling of the bangles. She was the epitome of resplendent beauty forever and forever. I learnt everything from her, her treasure trove of sarees is still revered. I fondly remember those murky afternoon in my maternal home, of ma, Mausi and my sisters waiting eagerly for the bangle person.Endless laughter, jokes, the wild desires the chai cups… who can forget those days. Indian summers and the talk of Dhakai and Jamdhani’s. Nanima sneakily putting Sari’s in Ma’s trunk and her pure joy of laughter when she would discover it… why oh why did int all have to end…

I continue to keep those memories alive in my own little way, whether fusion, or a mix of old world charm I wear sarees at every occasion,  I do it all and to leave no opportunity to wear a saree. So when  offered this opportunity to show case their classic linen saree I couldn’t resist it. Cananry yellow was the perfect calling with spring at my backdoor.


I opted to showcase an official look, the blouse is a peplum top from Zara. The yellow was a little loud for a days look so I toned it down with a leather belt. It also broke the monotony. If you are heading straight to a dinner add those aquamarine earrings and a Ring to match (both from tribe by Amrappali). Remember always to add nude tones whenever the undertones are loud….


Hope you like what I have put together and I always mix and match, I also believe in repeating what I have bought over the years through my personal collection. Always limit your jewellery let your Saree do the talking. Grab this Cannary yellow linen saree today..

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