Disaster in making

Wonderful, now that we think we have sorted life… she decides to teach a lesson. Every now and then she lets us know that she needs to be experienced and not to be lived morbidly. I have realised, its a disgrace to lend a sympathetic ear, Now now don’t you dare jump to conclusions, Every time I decide people genuinely want to solve their problems voila you know what they are quite capable of doing so themselves. Being gullible or empathic really destroys your soul. As you grow older you learn from your own experiences your thoughts and  behaviour’s are governed accordingly. I carefully watch people now and follow their behavioural pattern that is what is intriguing to see their inherent character unfold, you draw inferences from the same and decide whether you would be comfortable in their company or not…I for once never allow myself to be governed by circumstances but there are certain rules I follow and am never guilty about these,it also helps me distance myself for detrimental circumstances…

  • Set boundaries for your self whether in relationships, in your career or how much money you can spend etc. Be very clear of what you are comfortable with. It could also mean to what extent you are ready to push yourself. This does not mean you limit yourself, but sometimes people take advantage if you are gullible so stick to what you have decided they will understand, if they don’t they will eventually move on.
  • Never be ashamed to express your feelings, your thoughts your desires, your passion. Trust me it makes life easier. You may sound brash or brutal (thats what people will derogate you  for being honest) but it will save you a lot of difficult situations.
  • Express your talent confidently and without any guilt. you should be proud of it,do not compromise or devalue it for anybody.
  • Most importantly do not feel guilty about your success and how you have achieved it. I have come across a lot of situations where people will undermine your success just to make themselves feel better. It takes a lot of courage for people to hand over success without criticising it. Don’t let it affect you.
  • Value yourself above all, prioritise yourself love yourself, be your favourite person you will never feel the need of emotional or interdependence on any individual.img_3894

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