Every time I look back at life I often wonder what if….

You are plagued by little thoughts which creep in as doubts. You could have done better, you want to change a lot of things. There is this desire that life could have dealt you better. Life has its ways to meander, it is you who has to decide….

When I was was younger I took my responsibilities to an extreme level, I behaved exactly how society mandated me to. The thought that I existed did not even cross my mind. All my decisions were governed by what is right for my children or my parents and my spouse etc. There is always a good time to correct this the faster you realise this the easier life will be. Pause, look around you, listen to yourself…. Ask? Are you missing out on something? Are you always complaining ? Do you sound bitter? Do you want to run away from life? Should you change your present situation? That is the point in life change happens….whatever stage you are in your life work on these things and see the change happen….

  1. Most importantly stop being a people pleaser, it takes a toll on you to be constantly working on this goal. Trying to please everybody is not going to work out, it will tire you moreover people don’t have the time to be impressed with you always they will eventually move on, concentrate on yourself.
  2. Learn to say no. Now if you have never said it, it will have repercussions.There will be apprehensions and drama, but nevertheless do it your life will be simpler…
  3. Stay away from people who create drama in your life. If you are an empath then you have had it, they will feed on you just to play the victim card and constantly vide for your attention.
  4. Stop being a perfectionist, sometimes it borders on OCD and ruins simple joys. Its ok to not do it perfectly its more importantly to do it happily.
  5. Learn to say yes, now this is the difficult part for people like me I still overthink every situation before saying yes. You should not be afraid to say yes…
  6. Love yourself, be kind to yourself ,never ever speak negative about yourself. It will harm you. Respect yourself.


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